Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Police action against Marxists totally uncalled for ..

The highlights this week in the TP investigation has been the surrender of Kunjananthan and the subsequent questioning by police. Even though initially Kunjananthan refuted all charges against him, slowly he is releasing himself, in front of hard facts, witnesses and evidences. Slowly the picture is getting very clear and the hand of CPM leaders in the gruesome murder of TP is getting exposed.

The party under Pinarayi which has been all along denying it had any role to play in the murder will have a lot of hard questions to answer to the people of the state for the manner in which they have been resorting to hard core violence to settle scores. It is  a sad fact that the party has gone out of the grip of seniors and moderates like VS and are now in the firm grip of the extremists, who have cultivated a culture of terror and intolerance in the party ..

As M A Baby comrade has already accepted, the TP murder has damaged Marxist party beyond repair .. May be in the coming days, the top leaders will also go behind bars, from the topmost to the district level, but that should not cause any surprise to the ordinary malayali or sap the enthusiasm of the ordinary comrade who is uneducated and illiterate and who is being taken for a ride by these very respected leaders.

The immoral, unethical, criminal mindset ailing the party is so much etched in the party psyche, that the party will find it very tough to come out of it in the coming few years ... Maybe  Saju Skaria should try some sessions on criminal leadership to Pinarayi and co. in Kerala and see whether all those principles will work with these uncultured assassins !!

In the hope of a safe, secure and happy tomorrow for ourselves and our children in Kerala and the country, the criminals and the conspirers of the brutal murder, even if it be top leaders, should be given the right punishment. All the other skeletons and murder facts and details, falling off the cupboard should also be enquired and proper punishments meted out to the murderers, including the death penalty.

The Marxist party needs an introspection, are they existing for the poor or for the murderers ? A disgrace to the party of such great leaders and to a glorious land and civilization !!


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