Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kerala Police, is it fair ??

I am planning to go to Kerala for just a day this evening to attend a marriage in Kottayam on sunday. I am slightly sceptic of the ground situation in Kerala as the news coming out daily through the media is shocking and scary, to say the least.

The recent revelations and the firm statements coming from the CPM leadership that they are truly innocent in the TP murder case (quote E P Jayarajan MLA), that no partyman is ever involved in the murder is really true .. ( till I come back on Monday..)

The police investigating is doing such a shabby job .. Why are they targetting only poor, patriotic, peaceloving marxist workers..  The investigation should be changed from Kerala Police and handed over not to CBI , let Bihar or UP police investigate this case .. Wow, this CBI, will do a thorough job and wipe the floor clean, if they want to ..

Is Kerala a vellarikkapattanam where the police can arrest anybody in the middle of the road and take them to custody ? How come the police is not accepting the 'prathipattika' given by the party and instead wasting so much of state resources to investigate and catch the poor, peaceloving party comrades ? why ? Why ? as a sincere peaceloving citizen of the state, why should the state govt waste funds like this ? Why and what for are the party's vakkeelanmaar (loyal lawyers..) wasting all their time for ?

When the party is offering the list to the govt of the culprits, is it fair to spread the net and find the conspirators of the case ? Where in the world, do you find such an investigation? To hell with CBI and other investigators, the party has done a good job all these years and will continue to do so ..

Just because Marxists are out of power in all its earlier states and is dead outside the country, does that mean that they will never come back to power.. We should remember that they were the people who terrorised the state once upon a  time with their peaceloving, fascist mindset, why should the state treat them now with such utter contempt.??

This is totally unfair ..!! Why should the govt ever suspect the patriotic, sincere peaceloving intentions of the party and its comrades, especially from Kannur.. If they have any saundarya pinakkam among themselves, leave it to them to settle it peacefully .. 

From today I will be watching only Kairali TV and reading only Deshaabhimaani newspaper, because they are the only news media reporting the truth, all others are just telling hardcore lies ..

I was under the impression that the people of Kerala were a bit more intelligent and sensitive to this spreading of canards by the media against the Marxists ..


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