Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Case after case against CPM leaders .. Unfair !!

It is not fair that so many cases are being 'framed' or charged against CPM leaders in Kerala.

Isin't the same police who used to shiver in front of the CPM cadres, who are now emboldened by the TPC murder ?

Who has given rights to the police and the courts to charge cases aganst CPM comrades when they are peacefully doing their job of terrorising people and preparing murder lists of people to be konked off ? Who are the common people and media to raise their voices against the mighty CPM to raise voice against their misdeeds ?

If the police were prevented from conducting search of the CPM offices in Tellicherry and Kannur to gather evidence in the TP case, why should the police file case against the CPM members ? Who is the police to teach values and morality to CPM cadres ?

It started with MV Jayarajan, when he peacefully raided the Vadakara police station and had a sit-in arranged with CPM supporters outside with their daadagiri ready to even kill .. Cannot a citizen of the country enforce his writ on the police and subvert the laws of the land ? What a misuse of the media and the police ?

Then it went to Elamaram Kareem .. Just because he threatened the police and investigating officers and their children, can the Police charge cases against him ? What does the police think of Kerala , vellarikkapattanam ?

MM Mani from Idukki is a very faithful loyal CPM worker and a member of the Pinarayi Mafia.. Just because he opened his heart and gave out some truths, why should the police file murder cases against him, should he not be patted on the back at his heroics and for telling the truth ?? Poor Mani, now he has to run from court to Police station, home and round and round..

P Jayarajan finds himself embroiled in another case for obstructing the Police investigations.

If the Police and media find fault and arrest each and every CPM leader, who will run the party ? Did the govt of this at all ??

For the sake of a well functioning democracy, thugs, rogues and criminals should be allowed to have their free say in the governance of the land .. Hope the govt realises this sooner than later ..


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