Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Who is sincere and who is not ?

News item : India is trying its level best to pressurise US into severing its ties with the failed state of Pakistan, which is the epicentre of terrorism in the world and is the refuge of some of the big names US is trying to smoke out , Zawahiri, as one instance. The constant threat to India from Pakistan trained terrorists have been highlighted and proof shown to US, asking it to repeatedly pressurise Pakistan into taking action against the terror mastermind, Hafiz Sayeed.  Even when US understands the gravity of moving and sleeping with Pakistan, against the wishes of the world community and against its own well being and that of its citizens, US is continuing to court Pakistan. India accuses US of not showing the earnestness to contain Pakistan nor terrorism in this part of the world.

Another news item : US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, now on a Asian tour was in the Indian capital, New Delhi talking to the PM, Foreign Minister and senior members of the Government , trying to convince them of the need to reduce its dependence on Iranian oil imports. She also stressed on the need to isolate Iran which is on a very advanced stage of making its own nuclear bomb, which could probably be used against Western countries and Israel. India finds Iranian oil, available in plenty, of good quality and with easy cheap transportation, as a vital component to ensure its energy security and an important tool in its efforts to raise millions of people above the poverty line. China and India are the two largest importers of Iranian crude, India accounting for almost $900 million imports annually. Though Indian refineries have been asked to reduce refining Iranian crude by almost 15%, US says India is not showing the earnestness in containing the growing threat Iran is globally.


Now you decide who is right and who is wrong, who is acting selfish ..

India and China are using their own currencies to buy Iranian oil, thus posing a threat to US dollar's continuing dominance of global commerce.

With global power and trade equations changing, with the global epicentre of commerce and power gravitating to Asia, it is high time countries stopped being selfish and instead look outward to watch how their actions impact other countries and their efforts to raise their people above poverty.


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