Thursday, May 17, 2012

The threat from Marxists ...

The Marxists in Kerala even in this time of extreme crisis, has issued threats against the police and the media, threatening even to get on the offensive.

Being the torchbearers of dadagiri and machete(vadivaal) culture, quotation style, it is the sincere request to all malayalis to take this threat with all seriousness it deserves.

Being pushed to the corner with ractive CPIM members including dist. secy arrested for murdering TPC, and more senior members in line, this is norhing but a paper threat, to deflect public attention..

It is high time malayalis took these idiots by their collar and kick out their arrogance ..

"Kollaanum, kollikkanum madiyillathu ente naatil pokan enikku pediyakunnu" ( It is scary to go to my land where people have no qualms to kill others (by themselves) and get other people to be killed) - film actor Mohanlan

Thanks to the Marxists in our land.. They only believe in the language of blood .. They seem to forget the famous adage, "vaaleduthavan valaal.." ( those who use the sword to kill others, will also get killed by it..)

By terrorising the civilised people in society who desire peace, they continue throw their weight around .. How long can they continue scaring the people with their daadaagiri ?

It took just a single woman, Mamata Banerjee to chase these daadaas out of West bengal single handedly.. !!


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