Friday, May 04, 2012

Threat by Cellphone Operators Association of India .

Responding to the recent decision by the Supreme Court and Govt to auction2G spectrum, the Cellphone Operators Association of India have threatened that this will raise the cellphone rates..

Spectrum is a national resource to be shared by the Indian public and not looted by the Cellphone operators. 

Hon Minister Kapil Sibal ji, pl go ahead with the recommendations of TRAI.

Cellphone Operators are just resorting to arm twisting tactics, please do not get unduly worried. If cellphone rates have to increase, let it for the time being. Someone among them, last time it was Tata Docomo, this time we do not know who, someone will resort to low cost innovation offering once again 1p/sec or 1p/2sec offer ..

let us take the bull by the horns .. !!


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