Sunday, May 06, 2012

T P Chandrasekharan hacked to death ..

T P Chandrasekharan, a former CPIM firebrand leader from Kannur and VS loyalist, who went out to form the Revolutionary Marxist party was found hacked to death with over 50 cuts on his body and head cut in two by a vadivaal, possibly..

one of the most brutal murders Kerala politics has ever seen ..

To preempt and possibly misdirect the police, how dumb of these Marxists, CPIM leader P Jayarajan accuses P C George of Congress having masterminded the attack thru quotation gang .. Pinarayi is silent as are other CPIM leaders.

The top District CPIM leaders have all gone underground.

The flame for a new spiral of violence and revenge is started by the Marxists this time in Kannur. The eternal curse of the place called Kannur. If earlier it was between CPIM and ML, now it is between CPIM factions and splinters ..

It would be a great service to the state, if CPIM cadres kill themselves and wipe off this already defunct, dysfunctional and faceless party from Indian political scene.


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  1. Writing this reply on 2 sept, the hand of Marxist party in this heinous crime is totally exposed with almost 30 leaders from small fries to district secretary level have been arrested, put behind bars and who are presently , thanks to the Indian Constitution, can walk on bail.

    Let the Marxists at least show some concern to the people and the country where they live, by promising not to indulge in violence any more, if they want to survive in Kerala as a party. Whatever goodwill, the people had for the party of the hardworking working class is now totally squandered by a very immature and unintelligent, dumb leadership both at the state and national level for the party.

    it will be a tough job for a changed leadership to revive this party in future.


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