Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pinarayi and Karat, contented men ..

Having lost miserably and been kicked royally in Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura, CPIM will have some solace of having done something for the society and the people only with their militant "quotation" politics of  exterminating their opponents violently by the use of force, muscle power, vadivaal and vettukathi  ..

I felt very proud of Mamata when I read Ms Hillary Clinton talking so highly of her, though she is very unpredictable and haughty lady. It is now very publicly known how she alone built up a party and finally managed to dislodge the Left from Bengal after their misrule of 4 decades. Looks like she has kicked the Left from West Bengal for ever ..

The Marxists are such a divided, disgruntled, battered, beaten  and faceless group now not only in Bengal but also in kerala and Delhi, that never in their life, can they come back to power in West Bengal or Kerala ( if they are not ready to give up their quotation politics and work for the people ..).  They will never have the guts to meet the people and ask for votes, unless they change their dirty, violent ways.  Politics will never be kind to any one if they are not found to work with and for the people.

VS has opened a new chapter, now let us see how events take shape in the coming days in Kerala .. With the Nawaz murder, Kodiyeri was shouting on top of the rooftops that RSS was behind the murder .. When CBI was progressing in the investigation, Marxists cadres -  the fools, went marching to the CBI office, probably to show their might and the machetes with them. Yesterday, when CBI  got permission from the High Court to arrest the CPIM top office bearers of Kozhikode, Pinarayi and Kodiyeri have suddenly gone silent ..

Will the common man, looking for peace and a good rule, be able to lead a peaceful life in Kerala ??  Pinarayi and Karat are going to be very contented leaders having to get the good fortune to preside over the hitting of the final nail on the CPIM coffin, one of these days.


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