Sunday, May 13, 2012

People holding govt leased land ..

Many cases are coming out thse days of people holdin onto public govt land given to them on leqase many years back and the present owners not retuning the land to the govt and usurping it for themselves..

It is a sad state of affairs.. But that is how people make quick money ( which also goes out as quickly as it came ..)

I am reminded of two cases, one of K M Cherian from Thayyil family of Tiruvalla. He had taken about 850 acres of temple land on lease for 60 years from the Zamorin of Calicut in 1943, before India got independence. The terms of th lease was this, for the first thirty years about Rs 300 will be paid each year to govt and for the next 30 years at the rate of Rs. 500 annually.

Do not know what happened whether it was selective amnesia or intentional, Instead of remembering to return the land back to govt of the Devaswam after 60 years, ie by 2003, K M Cherian distributed it among his children and sold part of it, as if the public govt land belonged to his father. Government land was usurped by members of the Kandathil family for their personal benefit and well being, in violation of the lease deed.

luckily reporters of India Vison got hold of the original lease deed of the Zamorin and took the matter to court. The Kerala High Court had ruled against the Kandathil family asking them to return the 850 acres of leased land to the Kerala State Dewaswom Board.

Do not know from where they will get the 850 cres of land, and how many people have bought land from KM Cherian and his sons and were deceived. What forgery has been committed by K M Cherian and his sons to sell temple land to private individuals.

In 1995,  T John, a MLC In Karnataka Govt and a Congress member had purchased about 450 acres of Jamma land , originally given on lease only to cultivate Cardamom from one Mr Emmanuel who claimed that the land belonged to him. T John already sold part of it and distributed the rest to his sons. The Karnataka Court after listening to a PIL filed against this, has asked that the land be taken over by Govt.

Why do people do such blunders knowing very well that any land deal has to be studied and restudied well before making any decision.

Or is it wilful negligence thinking that greasing some palms in future can "right" all such misdeeds ??

The strength and potential of democracy, rule of the people, by the people and for the people should not be forgotten .. Anybody trying to circumvent the system will be taken to task ..


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