Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let corruption in the defence forces be exposed ..

The cat's out of the bag !! Tejinder withdraws his petition in SC against Army Chief ..

Tejinder Singh, thought he could silence the Chief of Army Staff by taking the first mover advantage, but sadly found that his ploy got misfired .. The Chief had all proof with him to fix Tejinder. 

Slowly I am sure he will also withdraw his allegations against the Chief that the Chief was concocting facts by telling that he had offered a bribe of Rs 14 crores to the Chief for pushing thru Tatra purchases, in a trial court.

This is a welcome move from Tejinder as otherwise he would have had to  be in jail not only for the offence of offering Rs 14 crore bribe , but also for maligning the Chief..

Let all corruption in the Army / Defence and all tatras be exposed.. It is after all the common man's tax money that these people are playing around with .. The common man has a right to know the truth of how his tax money is being used by the Army ..


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