Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Even the Gods are fed up of Yeddyurappa ..

Having enjoyed power and the perks which come along with it like grabbing the poor farmers land and allowing plunder of public natural resources thru mining by private individuals, of course for a commission, Yeddy finds it very difficult to let go of the rope of power.

Somehow or other he wants to hold on to power and reverse or deflect all legal action against him by abuse of power. He wants to give the impression of his connection with people in corridors of power, be it Sonia Gandhi or anyone, some power, so that all pending cases against him will be handled with care and caution  !!  Whatever sins and corruption he indulged in during power should be seen lightly by the people of the state and pardon him, give him one more chance to govern the state. He has forgotten the fact that he is in politics to serve the people and not govern and make private gains !! Had it not been for the shock of IT dept raiding Congress RS MP from Andhra, actor Chiranjeevi's relative's house and confiscating unaccounted cash worth Rs 35 crore, Yeddyurappa would have made his mind yesterday itself to gravitate closer to Congress party to save him from the embarrassment and shame of his unaccounted wealth.

Globe trotting to all temples will not wash away and blind out his sins and shame of indulging in corruption for personal benefits .. Even the Gods have got fed up of him ..



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  1. Politicians are the curse of present day democratic society ..


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