Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is elamaram kareem, top CPIM leader, lying ?

It was just the following day after the murder of T P Chadrasekharan that Elamaram Kareem a state committee member and a prominent leader of CPIM in North Kerala met the home minister who had gone to Vadakara to meet the family of TPC.  In that meeting Elamaram kareem had clearly and univocally stated that none of the CPIM members are involved in the murder and the police should not point its fingers at CPIM. Now with the arrest yesterday of Sijith, member of the execution team, Sijith has revealed the hand of CPIM members in the planning and execution of the brutal murder.

Does it not mean that elamaram was lying? Ho can a respected senior member of CPIM tell lies like this in public and to the home minister of Kerala ? The fact is that he knows who all were involved, maybe even himself, but did never think that the murder would catch so much of public attention and CPIM as a party would be cross examined and tried publicly on TV and newspaper by the people, Police and media in Kerala so much, exposing his hollow statements of the murder.

Now it comes to pass there is no leader of stature in the Marxist party who can command the respect of the people as all have been telling lies a hundred times over, mocking the people, police and media of their ulterior motives. Now everyone knows who is the murderer ..

All CPIM leaders are liars of the first order and have no qualms in lying and issuing hollow threats to the police, media and people of Kerala.. They are just paper tigers who are now shit scared that their dadaagiri of all these years would be exposed.

The greatest thing of interest to the people and media of Kerala is the fact that the top CPIM leaders are slowly being trapped in the net spread by the police, and it is just a matter of time before big sharks fall in the net ! So much satisfying for the people of Kerala, at least there will be an end to the cycle of murder in Kanur and the menace of Marxists .. Now Malayalis can move around in peace in their own land.

The proverb, vaaleduthavan vaalaal is so much true and apt here.

The fact that both Asokan and Krishnan have accepted of their role in the conspiracy to the Police and have not contested any of their statements or submissions ( done in duress) with the judge, only goes to prove the role of CPIM leaders in this ghastly murder.


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