Saturday, May 26, 2012

A disgrace to malayalees all over ..

The Marxist party has over the past two weeks proved beyond all doubt that it is indeed a party of murderers ... It can only understand the language of blood and violent revenge murders...

The utterances of Pinayi and Elamaram Kareem and the tacit glorious admission of four revenge murders by the Secretary of Idukki unit of CPIM, M M Mani, all point fingers to the fact that these criminals do not deserve to live in a democracy. The police should initiate proceedings against Mani and others in these 4 murder cases immediately.

Using their nasty, uncintrollable, unruly tongue and the machete to silence the civilised society, it is in fact a grave mistake  that Malayalees tolerated these thugs and rogues  in our society all these years !

The law should now take over and punish each of these barbarians who do not deserve to live in our society !

No wonder the Marxists are attacking and threatening the media and the police, in the hope that they can continue their murder and revenge .. What a bunch of perverted pimps ??


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