Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dilemma of Kerala CPIM..

The CPI Marxist party in Kerala is in a  deep dilemma,  The recent day events happening in the party is a reminder to this dilemma facing the party cadres and leaders alike. With Neyyantinkara by election round the corner, TP Chandrasekharan murder and VS press conference has added fuel to fire in the party. 

It is caught between the moderate face of activists led by V S Achuthananthan, the former CM and the extreme violent face led by Pinarayi Vijayan  ( the so called official faction, of Lavlin fame , of robbing the state of Rs 376 crores of taxpayers money). In fact the violent faction has hijacked the party altogether, even the sensible party worker has no option than to keep quiet. Else face the wrath of the militant faction and be suspended from the party, face the ignominy of ostracising from society and possible extermination at a later date by machetes and vadivaal of earlier fellow comrades..( what happened to Comrade T P Chandrasekharan..). Even party cadres who show the guts of visiting the party Secretary Pinarayi's palatial mansion, is chucked out of the party ..

In short a mafia is running the party. Nobody within the party would approve of it publicly. Due to fear for their safety and lives of their own self and family, party members prefer to keep quiet ..

Though the violent faction is repeatedly claiming that it is not for machete culture, the progress in the TP murder case reveals a different picture,. Read the news ..

Party workers in North Kerala are defying party whip not to condole or express sympathy at the brutal killing of TPC through meetings, read this. The repeated statements being let out from the State Secretariat of CPIM, washing its hands off the murder of TPC, appears to be having the reverse effect, the leaders are pushing the party and cadres deep into murky waters ..

It will do good for the central leadership to intervene and sort out issues before it gets out of hand, as effective opposition is a must in a democracy for its effective functioning.. Let there be a cease-fire ..


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  1. CPM , its own enemy in Onchiyam, Indian Express, 17 May


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