Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Retired Defence officers, latest to join the corrupt trail ..

With the arrest of senior retd officers from the Army and Navy in the Adarsh case and questioning of Tejinder Singh in the Tatra case, the lid is about to be opened in the case of thousands crores of INR looted out of the country in defence scams which have plagued the nation over the years and sapped our country of resources to raise the poor from poverty.

The ongoing investigations into the 2G, CWG, tatra, Mining, real estate deals  and Adarsh, just the tip of the iceberg, has sent the right signals to the corrupt officials of the defence forces and the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians to refrain from such actions. It is a heartening fact to note that these corrupt officers will have to face the consequences of law and the law will chase them to their grave .. Beware ..

There is a limit to the hypocrisy one can play in the name of defending the country with one's blood and on the other side looting the nation dry and thin ..

Great going the legal system !! Judicial activism is sending the corrupt to run for cover .. Politicians are getting restless at Anna hazare and Baba ramdev getting to the limelight again and are getting upset at the truth and facts being spoken by them .. The Politicians are also getting scared of the thought of being the servants of the common man and are finding their new positions in society where they are treated with utter contempt and disdain, a bit too much to digest .. These self serving parasites of society are a bigger threat than either Pakistan or China to India .

Anna Hazare and Bab Ramdev will never run short of supporters in this scenario ! This is not meant to discourage sincere officers, but they should gather courage and expose corrupt elements in the Defence forces. See that they are court martialled and ejected out of the system early before they can do much damage to it. Whatever respect people had for defence officers is being wasted by these corrupt elements ..

An inactive good man will do the harm of a thousand active evil men ..

It is said that corruption eats 2% off our GDP. Can we allow that to happen, in the name of protecting the corrupt, rich, influential and famous. After all finally it is my or OUR MONEY which is running the whels of government administration ..


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