Monday, May 07, 2012

Bangalore's BITTER water woes ..

Bangalore has grown as a city with people moving to this city for employment and a high quality of life. The standard of life has grown has grown over the years but has it matched with the quality of life ?

The endless commuting time from one end of the city to the other, the acute shortage of good accommodation units, the over bearing presence of real estate builders and land mafia to catch cut-throat profits and the scarcity of water staring at their face make Bangalore a difficult proposition to invest and setup businesses in the coming days .. The infusion of black money of almost 1200 crores INR into the Indian real estate industry over last year, a great proportion of it to the booming Bangalore city to catch the attention of Dept or Revenue Intelligence, Income Tax Dept are all issues that plague this city as much as it does any other in the country.

The scarcity of water is one fear that is immediately staring at the people of this city which houses the head offices of some of the biggest MNC names from within and outside the country.

In the Marathahalli and Whitefield areas ( North East Bangalore) where land is also precious and huge multiple high rises have come up, water scarcity is very acute. Some of the residential owners are even contemplating leaving their luxurious flats built by some of the finest names in real estate builders of South India and moving out to areas where Cauvery water ( South West of Bangalore city is Cauvery river) is available. These huge highrise buildings even though they have water treatment plants for sewage water treatment, have been unsuccessful in fully meeting their own recycling requirements, forget about the requirements elsewhere.

With the ever depleting water table with recharging done during the monsoon months from June to Sept.,  completely inadequate to charge up the water table to at least about 60% of the previous year, a deep sense of anxiety and fear looms large over the people of this city who have spent a fortune purchasing luxurious flats from builders falling innocent prey to their massive marketing and advertisement gimmicks and promises of access to huge reservoirs of freshwater all throughout the year.

These builders need to be taken to task for their false promises to ensure that future buyers do not get fooled any more.

Pl read this article ..

Also it is said that the storm water drainage collection, to charge the water tables is completely inadequate in the city.

Effective water conservation strategies and cost based usage policies ( even for borewell water) for citizens across the city, coupled with strict implementation and monitoring of rain water harvesting systems across the city, effective water treatment plants in big high rises with more than 25 flats and Industries with heavy consumption of water like soft drinks bottling plants, there are a few in the city and suburbs, to treat and recycle sewage water, effectively utilising storm water drainage to charge the water table across the city and outside city limits are all matters which have to be taken up in right earnest by the civic authorities as well as the public to make Bangalore livable at least for the next ten years and beyond.

The extremely important role of NGOs along with the civic authot\rites to sensitise Industries and public of the importance of conserving water, its proper usage and recycling, monitor and sustain measures to conserve existing resources, is beyond any explanation.

Readers comments at improving this infrastructure is welcome.


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