Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are Malayalis afraid of the Marxists ?

From national scenario, it is good at times to shift to the regional scenario as it is regional issues which build up to become national issues and it is regional issues which have bearing on national issues.

Of particular significance is the issue of the state of terror created in Kerala by the Marxist party under the leadership of Pinarayi Vijayan and V S Achuthanandan. Mocking opponents, terrorising hem, treating and talking to the people of Kerala with utter contempt and disdain were the hall marks of these leaders, It also reflected the lower levels of intellectual capability these leaders and their supporters possessed. All these forms of pressurising and terrorising would have been possible when the Marxists were in power. They could kill all opposition and dissent within the party and misuse and misappropriate government power and keep everything under wraps.

They could infuse their sympathisers in government jobs, teaching positions in science and professional colleges, into the police forces and upper echelons of judiciary, so that the Marxist influence could permeate all sections of society and slowly lead to the dominance of Marxists in Kerala , as happened in Wet Bengal for forty long years.

But Kerala being a very politically conscious state would never allow such events to happen, people are more conscious of their rights and responsibilities than the intelligent people of West bengal. Kerala has witnessed a seesaw type of political alignment over the past many elections, with the people always rejecting the ruling alliance for the opposition whenever there is an election to the state assembly ( but they would judiciously change their attitude in electing representatives to the Parliament).

When I was a student at the Government College of Engineering, Trivandrum, there were some faculty members who were the moles of the Marxists in the teaching community. This is the penetration they achieve in the lives of the common man., a sort of Mafia type arrangement.

But all that is changing now with two sensational murders of former CPM members and then deserters. As if to teach the deserters a lesson, that whoever is a Marxist, he is a marxist for life and they do not allow a person to think and realign his commitment to his new political ideology, Marxists were after these deserters' lives.

Fazal, an earlier Marxist who went to NDF, a regional Muslim outfit and T P Chandrasekharan, a former Marxist ideologue who quit the party to float his own outfit, of course with massive public support on again Communist ideologies, were the two people who were murdered mercilessly by the Marxists.

Unluckily for Marxists, in all the earlier cases, the planning used to be hatched at the higher schelons of the part which used to get executed by the lower level fries, who invariably used to get arrested and sentenced to prison terms. The Marxist leaders that way take care of their cadres who are implicated in such political murders and help their families financially and morally for the whole life.

But again the moral question is, how long can this trickery sustain ? At some point of time it has to be exposed and along with the executioners of the devious plan, the planners or strategists who were part of the plan to execute also should get caught and punished.

Exactly that is what is happening in Kerala under the active involvement of the Police with some of their finest investigating officers like Vincent M Paul and so on. Even though the Marxists are time and again crying from the rooftops that their cadres are being wrongly implicated in political murders and they are being pressurised to tell the names of the chief conspirators behind the crimes, the investigating officers are not feeling the pressure and are continuing with the investigations without any fear or favour, it so appears !

Some Marxist fries here and there also threaten the Police, saying that they will see the Police do not cross the lines they draw and that they know how to make them behave, is all based on their strong belief that their moles in the Police forces, at important positions will help the party by giving them information on the progress of the cases. They also believe that these moles will help in derailing these sensational cases where there is possibility of seeing the true face of the Marxist leaders. The investigation into the sensational murders of former Marxist members is now not going the way as all marxist would have loved to.

The Police have announced that besides getting the executioners of the crimes, the petty fries and professional killers, they will also chase the planners and strategists of these murders. The Police version that they will not leave any stone unturned in seeing that their investigation is proper and complete also has the full support and non-interference from the Oommen Chandy government and the sensible, peace loving people of kerala..

Even though the intention of the police and the govt is not to break the back of the Marxists, the pace at which the investigation is progressing and the refusal of the culprits to disclose the names of the higher-ups involved in the case even at the cost of their lives, is only seeing the Police reaching unimaginable quarters and questioning people who nobody ever thought would get involved in such heinous crimes. This morning I was reading in the papers two more Marxist leaders have been involved in the case and were arrested after questioning, for their suspected involvement in the planning of the murder.

The media role in this case has to be applauded. Were it not for their active involvement in creating public opinion and interest in solving this murder of such heinous magnitude, investigations would not have reached this stage.

Hope in the coming days we will be able to understand the true face of the Marxist party and what they have been up to all these years and what is their future in Kerala in the coming years ..!! In short, Malayalis are not afraid of Marxists as such, but are intolerant of their militant and violent ways of settling disputes and holding their mafia style  sway over the masses.


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