Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who wants to defame the Indian Defence establishment ?

Every day we read reports in the papers highlighting the defence unpreparedness and corruption at high places in defence establishments, of top officers playing hands in glove with politicians and corrupt bureaucrats, trying to claim for themselves, real estate for the war widows and so on.

We also hear of corruption in truck deals, how the army has been procuring trucks from a private source than from the company straightaway. Also the other day we heard of an attempt to tarnish the image of the present Army Chief, that the Indian army moved from the North to Delhi , purportedly to tighten its grip on the political establishment, rumours of a coup ?? 

The low level of preparedness in tank armoury that came up yesterday, again is an attempt to tarnish the image of the Army. Who is interested in throwing muck at Gen  V K Singh just one month before he puts in his papers ?

Who is behind all this ? Not directly,  the army officers, politicians or bureaucrats.

It is the strong arms lobby, who are feeling the pressure of being sidelined and losing lucrative contracts and big money in the process. Is it their ploy to create maximum confusion, in the process lose the common man's confidence in the forces and fish in murky waters ..

Defence Minister Antony having already started investigations into the Tatra trucks deal , four months back, pointing fingers at corrupt elements among top officers of the defence, with bureaucrats and politicians, is sure to expose the muck..

Let us hope in the coming days, vested interests interested in tarnishing our defence forces get exposed. Indian army, being the largest importer of defence items this year, should be able to procure the right competitive hardware at the right time and cost from the right manufacturer, and raise our level of preparedness to meet any external threat. By improving the level of accountability and to fix responsibility for any procurement delay on authorities, the top defence officers and bureaucrats, never again let us hear of the 3 % preparedness to meet an enemy threat anymore.

Banish all middlemen and arms trade mafia and bring a sense of confidence in the Indian public that his/her TAX money does not get drained on useless projects and purchases, filling the pockets of arms contracts and corrupt elements in the forces and govt.

Will the govt listen to the voice of the common man ?? The largest unproductive expenditure of the Indian govt, to raise our defence capability, should not be a laughing stock for other countries of the world.


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