Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tower of corruption, Mumbai ..

Adarsh Towers of Indian Navy, Colaba where the influential army, navy topguns and politicians grabbed flats meant for Kargil war widows of Indian army ...

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  1. With 2 senior IAS officers, Phatak and reitred IAS officer Tiwari, being arrested by CBI and in police custody till April 18, all corrupt IAS officers are shivering down their spines and shitting in their pants.. Hope they will mend their wayward ways..

    Citizens have started questioning your irresponsible actions and orders ..

    The free, arbitrary and corrupt orders they used to pass against the interest of the citizen and against good governance, will now be reverted.

    Let this be a warning from the people and the CBI to all corrupt Babus, you and your family members will not be left free, we will trace you to your grave.. Beware ..


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