Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sweet memory of IITB .. 30 March 2012 ..

Road from Main gate to Main building .. Well maintained..
They have started a new bus service from Main gate to Main building ..
The cycle, scooter stand near the Main gate..
The Library building , entrance ...
With Prof Narayan Rangaraj  at the GATE office ..
The PC Saxena memorial Lecture Theatre where as Co-ordinator of Research Scholars Forum in 1999, we had arranged so many talks, technical talks, discussions and cultural programmes. Also this is the place where Prof Phatak from CSE used to hold his 300 + students class on Information Systems..

After almost 8 years, I visited IITB on 30 March 2012. So many new buildings are coming up.. Changes are for the better ..

The snaps of the road leading from the Main gate to the main building. How many time we have crossed this gate with family in the car and on foot, to take jobin to Shettys and Bombay Scottish school, buy vegetables and provision, go to bank etc.. Many many times..

The main gate cycle stand, also the place where my car was parked sometimes for days together, the Lecture Theatre where as Co-ordinator of the Research Scholars Forum we have conducted so many talks, discussions, technical talks, cultural programmes etc..

a photoshoot with Prof Narayan Rangaraj, my thesis Supervisor at IITB. Presently Prof is the Chairman of the Gate Exam and it was very difficult to get to meet him,let alone get 10 minutes to have a lunch with him at IITB staff cooperative society canteen ..

All sweet memories ... Will they ever come back, have to wait and see, not until I join IITB as a faculty .. Will I, won't I, Can I , Can't I ??


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