Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth barraged by asteroid belt 4,2 billion to 3.5 billion years ago ..

New evidence points to lot of present day minerals on earth having come from the barrage of an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that rearranged itself, and hit the earth for 700 million years, from 3,5 billion to 4.2 billion years ago, of sizes ranging upto 21 miles wide.. The time periods and the durations are mind boggling, just beyond human comprehension or grasp ..

 The last recorded barrage about 65 million years ago wiped out Dinosaurus from Earth, the largest of the asteroids about 9 miles wide.. 

Where is man, where is nature and Universe, where is our understanding of what holds the Universe together ? 

Is our concept of the dimension of time in the dimensions of Mass, length and time (MLT), inconsequential and so negligible in the Universal concept of time? What is the role of human in this vastness of time ?


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