Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did R K Raghavan make a mockery of the judicial system in the country by acquitting all 58 ??

I was under the impression that former CBI Director R K Raghavan was a decent and straightforward officer, else why should the Supreme Court keep him in charge of the Special Investigative Team to probe the Gulbarg Housing Society massacre case of the Godhra communal carnage in 2002 ?

His closure report acquitting all the 58 accused of killing the inmates of Gulbarg Housing Society in Ahmedabad, including Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, in the communal frenzy of 2002, has shattered the dreams of millions of Indians like me. This report will not go smoothly with the SC. It will be challenged by Ms Zakia Jafri, widow of Ehsan.

The Amicus Curae appointed by the SC, Adv Raju Ramachandran has filed a different report with the SC , which as per already hotly discussed media reports, does not absolve Modi of complicity in the killing of Ehsan.

This case is turning more interesting and is catching all attention with lot of contradictory, partial verdicts and reports coming out of court and SIT and the affected crying foul at the shabby treatment meted out to them by the establishment meant to protect human lives and respect of the individuals..

It was the same R K Raghavan who exonerated former Punjab DIG SP Rathore in the now infamous Ruchika molestation case, which then was handled by a different setup which finally could indict Rathore.

Is Raghavan such a retd. police officer who could not differentiate the finer nuances of legal issues and compromised on his personal integrity, subjecting himself to such ridicule from the common man in the country ? The whole world knows like broad daylight who was responsible for fanning discontent and communal ire and tensions in Gujarat which resulted in the genocide of  innocents ..


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