Monday, April 30, 2012

A busy Saturday morning at St.Johns OPDept..

Were it not for St. Johns hospital, Koramangala, Bangalore would not have grown as an upmarket posh residential centre of Bangalore.

On an ordinary day more than 1500 outpatients are treated here, besides the 1300 in-house patients.

St johns has got almost all medical  specialisations and is a fave among the poor people of Bangalore and nearby places.  At rs. 40 for the first consultation visit of the month and rs. 25 thereafter for all visits in that month, this facility exists to serve the people of Bangalore.

Xray, MRI, blood tests come at cheap rates. In-patient costs are also low. With good safe parking facilities, a good canteen serving healthy food and lot of small stores selling fruits,eatables, sweets, tea, coffee,newspaper etc, it is a small township by itself.

Emergency appointments with doctors can be done with doctors at rs. 250 per visit at off time hours and for preferred visits.

This hospital is doing very great service to the society in bangalore and nearby places.

Location : Sarjapur Rd, Koramangala 2 Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka,

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