Thursday, April 05, 2012

Adarsh effect, Mantralaya in Mumbai at a standstill ..

yesterday was a great day in Indian legal circles and in the fight against corruption at high places .. The common man finally feels something is happening to save selfish people from raping his country ..

With 2 senior IAS officers, Phatak and retired IAS officer Tiwari, being arrested by CBI and in police custody till April 18, all corrupt IAS officers are shivering down their spines and shitting in their pants.. Hope they will mend their wayward ways.. Citizens have started questioning your irresponsible actions and orders .. The free, arbitrary and corrupt orders they used to pass against the interest of the citizen and against good governance, will now be reverted.

The CBI which was under pressure to dilly dally the case and let the influential bigwigs scape had to hurry with the proceedings when mumbai High Court asked the CBI to report to it regarding the progress in the case. It shows how CBI is also influenced in this case. Instead of doing their job forthright without any fear or favour, they are  misleading the court and the citizens of the country.

With two retd Major Gen and a retired Brigadier in judicial custody along with these two very senior IAS babus in CBI custody, whose sons were allocated flats in the Adarsh complex, the noose is tightening. Even though everyone is passing the buck on the other, the army and naval officers on the govt, IAS officers on the govt, the govt on the IAS officers and the navy, the plot is getting clearer day by day. Whoever have managed to get a flat either free or  at a low cost in the Adarsh complex meant for Kargil war widows, cannot run away from complicity in this case..

Finally truth will chase the accused .. Let this be a warning from the people and the CBI to all corrupt Babus, you and your family members will not be left free, we will trace you to your grave.. Beware .. Really feeling good for Jairam Ramesh, the former Minister in charge who had threatened that he would demolish Adarsh complex, were it not for him acting freely, also thanks to Dr Manmohan Singh for giving a free hand to the CBI, this case would not have come to this stage.. The fight against corruption and greed of the corrupt high officials and politicians in this country is a continuing affair, never ending, with new scams surfacing daily..

Will our people never learn to think kind and considerate of the society and his fellow beings , fortunate and less fortunate ..?? Why is it that in spite of being a so called highly spiritual country with loads of legacy and culture of thousands of years, we are still the most selfish, greedy community in the world ?


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