Thursday, March 29, 2012

The rags to riches story of the richest Indian, documented through houses ..

Old living quarters of Dhirubhai and family
House of Anil Ambani, Seawind ..
Mukesh Ambani's Antilla on Peddar Road,
Mumbai ..

Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar
                                                            - Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Some time back in March 2012, I was passing by Mukesh Ambani's residence "ANTILLA" on Mumbai Peddar Road. Could see a blot on the Mumbai skies rising like an awful creature from around the slums nearby ..

The $ 1 billion ( approx . Rs 5500 crore ) house which has 840 maidservants spread over 27 floors and app 400,000 sqft, living space ( bigger than the Palace of Versailles, near Paris) is presently LYING UNUTILISED. (third one..)

The reason .. VAASTU (superstitions related to the orientation / alignment ) OF THE STRUCTURE IS NOT CORRECT ..

So, THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE, LARGEST AND COSTLIEST RESIDENCE is presently lying vacant ( except for the maids) and will continue to do so ..

Let not Ambani forget his early humble beginnings , (.first pic, second floor, dirtiest quarter..)

Anil Ambani's Seawind, at Cuffe Parade ($700 million) is the other pic ..

Leaves our conscience really hurt ..! iS THIS the house of just one person from among the 1200 million inhabiting our country ??  Never in its history have we seen such a splurge of wealth, put to such great waste .. When Shah Jehan built the Taj Mahal , 300 years back, he had a firm purpose in mind !

This is the wealth Mukesh made / inherited, but does that mean he can splurge it the way he wants to ? Let us not forget that the society has played a major role in seeing that the wealth remains with him and it is but natural for the society to expect the money handed over by it to him as its custodian, be put to good use ..

When I met him on a couple of occasions in IIT Bombay in the late nineties, he had a composed, cool and dignified persona. Now, I do not know if it is the same person exhibiting this haughtiness with this towering, blotting concrete structure across the South Mumbai skyline .. because he could afford to do so ..!

Is it the outward demonstration of a narcissist mind ?? The darling of the moneyed class of Mumbai, does he make himself, through this senseless act, worthy of respect by the rest of the country ?

Story of Rockefeller and Mallya, Bangalore


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  1. well thought comments; this house of mukesh ambani doesn't even feel like a "home"; how can one even "live" in such an ugly environment; this looks like narcism run amok; or, it could be the result of the utter squalor in which the ambanis were raised as children, lacking even in private toilets, that they feel needy to live in such opulence in order to cleanse the filth of their upbringing;


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