Friday, March 16, 2012

Should Dharun Ravi escape 10 years in prison ?

The suicide of Rutgers Uty, NJ student Clementi over his Indian-born roommate Dharun Ravi webcamming his encounters with an elder male in their common shared dorm room, and tweeting over it, has landed the judges in a very piquant situation.

A very private incident which could have been settled at the Hall manager level in Rutgers, got blown up after the suicide of Clementi. It has ruffled many a feather among all parents of students of similar age.

The case of the delicate, sensitive nature of Clementi and the fact that he wanted to "cover up his gay nature" from Ravi, which Ravi knew beforehand and wanted to publicise with his friend Wei and others, was what aggravated the matter.

Will the judge indict Ravi to prison or not ? The next few days will be crucial if Ravi's defense is able to prove Clementi's suicide was not related to this issue..

More than whether the grounds of Invasion of privacy or hate crime will be used against Ravi and Wei, this case raises more issues on what constitutes "proper" Internet usage, "what" constitutes acceptable social behaviour and how modern technology has a very deep inseparable impact in the life and behaviour of our youngsters, both boys and girls ..


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