Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Politicians unite to hit back at team Anna - a blot on Indian Democracy ..

An open letter to our respected elected members of Parliament ..

It is very sad and a black day for Indian democracy to find our MPs, irrespective of party affiliation, have become intolerant of any criticism of their functioning.. The politicians realise that they get their powers only from the people. By getting elected they are not insulating themselves from the common man and deciding to do whatever they want for five years. If they think that way, I am really sad, our democracy and our representatives have not matured to represent the people. 

People are supreme, then comes the constitution and then comes whatever else.. Any criticism of how political parties nominate criminals for elections and to represent them, does not mean that the Indian public is against the political parties. It is giving them a chance to clean up their stable and get good people to represent them.. Let politicians take it as a corrective criticism from the people and the civil society, there is no reason whatsoever, to feel hurt or have umbrage about.. 

It is not only the elected representatives who are worried about the country, it is each and every citizen of this country .. If we do not correct our elected representatives, and if they go astray, who is to be blamed - only the people .. You are our creation, you get your rights from us, the people, if and only if and when we decide to give them to you. .

So our dear representatives, be cool, it is just another corrective action, just another control measure of the feedback mechanism installed by us to keep a tab on you. Please do not get upset and do not feel offended, we will control all your actions, we will advise you when you go astray, it is our bounden duty as a citizen of this great country to correct you. We cannot allow this great country to go to dogs because of some irresponsible people amongst you. Pl do not misunderstand our good intentions, we are there to guide you and correct you in your chosen duty ( out of your volition) to help run this noble country of mine .. Nobody has thrust this duty and task on you against your wishes, I am sure ..

Our vote to allow you to represent us do not in any way  give you the right to take the country down the drains.. Pl do not carry any such misconceived notions and thoughts in your brains. If we have elected you, we also know how to control you .. Pl for the country's sake, listen to our voice, the common man's voice. You will finish your loot, run to swiss banks and the like and get away scotfree, only we are there left to suffer your misdoings. How can we let that to happen to our great, noble and pious country .. 

Please do not misunderstand our good intentions, we will never ever allow you to go astray and permit such loot and indiscipline to happen ever again in our country !!

please for the sake of our country and its 1.2 billion people, at least start behaving now. No time is too late ! Do not be crybabies ..!!


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