Saturday, March 10, 2012

Open KM and Art of Illusion #D software ..

The March issue of Linux for you has come up with two great Free and Open Source software for the benefit of the businesses big and small, and artists of the world..

Openkm at is available for free download. I have not tried it yet, but will do it in future  .. By the features and snapshots it appears to be a great software. Available for free download, but if you need help besides the online documentation, you can contact experts for a fee ..

Art of Illusion at looks to be yet another great 3D modelling software, like blender ..for free download and usage..

With each passing day, the Free an Open Source community are developing so much free software for the use and application of the public, that it is really great to see how philanthropy could be so fulfilling,..

A 3D image of a fist created using art of illusion .. This software is of professional calibre and can be used for great professional work by artists and photography professionals.


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