Friday, March 09, 2012

Kerala's domestic electrical energy consumption pattern ..

Max. domestic and LT electrical energy consumption in MW. ( source the Hindu, 9.3.12) in the whole state of Kerala on any average working week day.

5 AM - 9 AM       2500 MW
9 AM - 6 PM       2300 MW
6 PM - 11 PM     3500 MW
11 PM - 5 AM     1800 MW

KSEB is planning to bring Time of Day (T-o-D) metering system to charge domestic and LT customers at a higher rate for certain times of the day ( peak load) than other off-peak load times..

I think this is being done for the first time in India in Kerala ..   A sure tiny step to implementing 'smart' electrical grid operations in the country .. With almost 75 % of generated electricity being lost in transmission and distribution losses, it is a shocking revelation that of 4 units generated only one unit is used, ie. we need to generate 4 MW to use 1 MW at the customer end..

Would like to know how this distorted power usage at different times is managed in other countries of the world.

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