Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chemmanur Life Vision Trust ..

The famed Chemmannur Jewellers from Trichur runs the Chemmanur Life Vision Trust ( without collecting a single rupee from the public..)

I was listening to an interview with Sri Boby Chemmanur, the person behind this organisation, on Asianet this morning. He says he is the happiest man on planet earth now. He does not accept any donation from anyone and does this social work on his own personal resources. Shares a percentage of his profits with his employees and a part for social service. Does not do it for any recognition or awards, just for the personal satisfaction of helping the less privileged and less fortunate in society .. is his newest foray into NBFC area..

An ardent fan of sports, games and athletics, he is foraying into running across all districts of Kerala from South to North in the coming months covering a district in a day ...


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