Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biggest body blow to casteism, a practice of thousands of years of Indian civilisation .. ..

Casteism, that thread which held together thousands of years of Indian cultural milieu ( basically which later got much publicised through the works of Western philosophers and later economists and scientific management gurus,  Greek philosopher Plato 400 BC, Adam Smith 1776 AD and Henri Fayol in his Division of Labour , 1928) has finally been cut off by the Kerala society, by  getting non-brahmins to do the specialised job of conducting poojas and offering sacrifices at temples.

"Even our ancient scriptures say a person becomes a brahmin through his deeds and life-style than by birth,'' said additional chief secretary K Jayakumar.

When under the pressure of Ezhavas and under the prodding of Gandhiji, Maharaja of Travancore Sri Chithra Tirunal Balarama Verma and Dewan Sir CP in 1936, made the momentous proclamation of Temple entry for all in 1936 , it was another momentous act which hit at the root of the evils of segregation perpetuated by the caste system .. Let us not forget that it was during the beginning of 1900s that Travancore had the worst caste related segregation and evils, which prompted the great spiritual giant Swami Vivekananda to call Travancore, a lunatic asylum  .. ( braanthaalayam ..) ..

It takes the courage and determination of a progressive group of people to set right some of the evils of the yesteryears and the people of Kerala have shown to the world that they are in no way lagging behind any great society or civlisation of the world in this, of offering moral and ethical leadership to the rest of the world !!

Something we can be really proud of ..


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