Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Babus ruined higher Education in India - Dr. P V Indresan

The floating bureaucrats ( IAS officers..)  with no accountability and loads of authority have actually ruined Higher education in the country.

For a faculty  an encouragement at the right moment in the form of grants, attending conferences etc.. is a good motivational tool.

Let us hope the govt realises its folly and let only committed faculty members take decision relating to education in the country henceforth.


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  1. System of education needs overhaul.Same holds true for higher education in India.Since India, I personally feel the year 1991 unfolded a new way & pattern of professional courses in India.Be it computer courses, vocational courses in India,undergraduate courses in India or any other course for that matter.Aspirations of great careers in India have dwelled upon the new hopes which gave India the champion identity it has now.


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