Sunday, March 25, 2012

Afghanistan is where empires go to die - old Confucius saying ..

The old Confucius saying that "Afghanistan is where empires go to die" is so true ..

The prophesy is working to such precision .. We are all seeing the collapse and disintegration of of US facilitated by Obama .. ( how much a brave face Americans would put to salvage their hurt pride and ego ..) ..

Afghanistan has the uncanny ability to suck in empires and emperors over the years. Take the case of Alexander the Great in ancient history and Russia and US in modern history .. How much resources, people, money and material and armaments any country puts in Afghanistan, it sucks in everything and waits for more and more as if nothing has happened ..

Even Genghis Khan , just 800 years back, repeated the same mistake and he could not hold onto Afghanistan ..

Let India and China the new empires of the 21 st century not repeat history and make the same mistakes ..

ge ..

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