Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Afghan misadventure, a relook over 3 millenia - any lessons ? ..

Alexander , the Great tried to annexe Afghanistan around 200 BC and he had to withdraw on the rebellion of his soldiers, fell sick, went back and died in Greece.

Genghis Khan, tried a misadventure in Afghanistan around 1200 AD, again had to pay with his life. He was cremated in an unknown place in Mongolia, unknown even to this day !

The British empire, the land over which the sun never set, had to beat a hast retreat from South Asia, after a misadventure in Afghanistan, never ever to rise again .. meoooowing all the time ..

The misadventure of Russians in Afghanistan was paid for by their having to flee from the Hekmatyars and finally the breakup of the USSR into many small republics, only Russia can even come remotely near to its former glory ! Pop !!

The spoiled game of US in Afghanistan is waiting to unfold - history will tell what will happen.

The old confucius saying - Afghanistan is the place where empires go to die, could probably be true !


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