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Why Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Verma never colonised Holland ?

While going thru the historical records relating to the priceless treasure found in the 5 open vaults of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Trivandrum (  and what possibly could be there in the not yet opened 6 th vault), it is claimed by historians that "most" of the treasure relates to the fines imposed by the Travancore Maharaja Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Verma ( 1729 - 1758 Common Era, CE) on the dutch forces after their pathetic defeat in the Colachel war in 1741.. Around 1750

From The Hindu newspaper, Quote :
Even Admiral Eustatius De Lennoy, who led the Dutch East India Company's forces which Anizhom Thirunal's  forces defeated in 1741 in the Colachel war, made donations to the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple. "That's why you have Dutch coins, Belgium cut-glasses and Portuguese coins in the vaults," said Mr. Ramamurthy. Admiral Eustatius De Lennoy ultimately became the Valiya Kappithan (commander-in-chief) of the Travancore forces of Anizhom Thirunal. - unquote

The Dutch came out to colonise other countries of the world three hundred years back basically due to two facts. Firstly the sense of adventure, sense of bravery and the willingness to take challenges even braving the treacherous sea with absolutely no navigational tools but for a magnet and sail is indeed to be applauded .. Second was their need to exploit and loot wealth and riches from other lands by force and deceit to make themselves rich and prosperous and be able to continue their reign over other lands perpetually.

Never would the Dutch have dreamt in their wildest dreams when they were ruling over the seas and in turn the world through their bravery and competing with the English and the Portuguese for absolute control of all seas and all land, that they would be handed over this humiliating defeat by the forces of Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Verma on August 10, 1741 at Colachel, 20 kms North-west of Kanya Kumari..

The first time an Indian Kingdom humiliatingly defeated an invading European global power which had only brawn and no brain !!

Then why did not Anizham Tirunal go on to rule the seas and colonise and loot Netherlands then ?(historical documents reveal that he did threaten them likewise that HH would attack them in the Netherlands, if they did not stop meddling in Travancore affairs)

The difference lies in the sense of civility, tolerance and accomodativeness of the rulers of Travancore, of the other peoples of the world, not to indulge in barbaric invasions of foreign lands and loot their wealth .. The difference lies in the fact that the rulers of Travancore inherited a culture and civilisation far more intellectually advanced and superior both in terms of content and time than what the Dutch could ever dream of, not just barbarism and bravery. Just down from trees a couple of millenia back, he never understood the concepts of fairness and civility and did not have it in his blood.

More facts of history will be available in the coming days when the wealth of the temple will be inventoried, photographed and set out for the world to study.


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