Friday, January 06, 2012

Sukesh Kuttan on asianet Star singer ..season 6. kachavadom ??

Sukesh kuttan is talented, no doubt.. Is it kachavadom from Asianet. your comments pl..

Asianet is telecasting a reality show. How can that be business ?? Viewers look for something sensational and out of the world..

Manorama is closely following with indian Voice, equally talented students there also, though the judges are not as heavy weight as in Idea Star Singer on Asianet .

But in totality the healthy competition between Asianet and Mazhavillu Manorama is very good for the Malayalam budding singers ( there is another equally good show on Kairali TV too). The opportunities and exposure these young talents get is simply mind boggling and out of this world..

And we viewers get to hear the oldies and new malayalam numbers again and again .. The general appreciation and understanding of the public to understand good singing has improved no doubt..


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