Thursday, January 19, 2012

Petrol mileage for Indica Xeta Petrol 2006 model ..

Recently I went with family to Kerala for a short function at Kollam. We took the Coimbatore Salem route while going and the Bhavani Mettur route while returning. We had some small trips to Fort Kochi too. Overall the distance was about 1491 kms and we consumed roughly 70 litres of petrol.

Even though my car , Indica Xeta Petrol 2006 model, is five years old now, with scarce, single owner (other than my driver) usage, I could clock 21.3 km/l of Petrol. Last time I tool the car on a long drive to Kerala, it clocked almost 21 kmpl. In city limits I get only 10-14 kmpl.


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  1. Which model gls/glx 1.2 or 1.4 lt engine, what did you do to maintain such a good mileage on petrol, company says 16 on highways. I am going to get a Xeta petrol 2006 used once tomorrow.



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