Monday, January 16, 2012

Pak Premier Gilani's fitting reply to the Generals ..

It was very heartening to read of the Pak Premier Gilani's reply to the Army generals who wanted a withdrawal or apology from Gilani into his remarks on Osama Bin Laden being traced in Pakistan with the knowledge of the Pak Military and Intelligence who was killed by US.

It was indeed a very bold statement from Gilani which is sure to enrage the army and ISI. India being a democractic country which believes in the supremacy of legislature over military and Intelligence organisations, this statement is a welcome departure from earlier politicians who have always toed the military and intelligence lines on all such issues.

India fully supports Pakistan in its PM's efforts to stress on the supremacy of the people over the military. Kudos to Gilani .. He is doing these actions at great threat to his own seat.


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