Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five major scams and role of politicians ..

India over the past two years has had five major scams, namely the 3G scam, Cash for votes scam, CVC scam, war widows building scam and the Common wealth Games scam.

The beneficiary in four of these five scams have been politicians, the so-called respectful elected representatives of the people, who are now raising the war cry against anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare.

Isin't it high time these reckless, senseless and selfish politicians be reined in ? Anna Hazare is ready to join hands with the corrupt Congress, the communal and opportunistic BJP or the corrupt regional parties like Samajwadi, RJD, DMK etc..

Politicians have earned for themselves the dubious distinction of the pariahs or outcastes of society .. Let us give the honest among them some chance of retrieving their honour by allowing them to help legislate a strong Lokpal bill for the country with the civil society or otherwise.



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