Saturday, December 31, 2011

Did Team Anna jump the gun this time ?

Due to the intransigence of Team Anna and some of the regional political parties / CPI / CPM on the states Lokayuktha / autonomy aspect, Lokpal bill this time fell through the Rajyasabha, even though it just scraped thru in Lok Sabha.

Even though Team Anna and opposition are gleefully pointing fingers at UPA and Congress for not passing the Lokpal Bill, after listening to the debate it appears to be a well drafted one with good intentions. When Congress has given assurances that it will consider amendments later, Team Anna and opposition should have accepted it.

The reluctance of states to implement Lokayuktha fearing action against themselves for corruption, quoting Federalist structure and crap was just tricks played by them on the people of India. Fearful that the predicament of Yeddyurappa would befall them, they have shied away from passing the lokayuktha bill.. Implementing Lokpal without Lokayuktha at the states is useless as corruption starts at the state.

Moreover as Lokpal bill is demanded by International convention, it is mandatory for the states also to fall in line. They cannot wil;fully abstain from implementing anti corruption laws in their state. here is no way implementation of this law will affect the Federal structure of the constitution, instead it will strengthen the country with corruption free and transparent governance.

Regional parties should realise that they are into politics not for money but to serve the people. If they do not accept the anti corruption mechanism in their states, the President should be asked to promulgate such a body for the states.

Country has lost a golden chance to get Lokpal bill passed, let us now wait for March 2012..

Anna and team had exerted enough pressure on the politicians and the parliament to start a debate on corruption and sensitized the people. They deserve all the praise for this..


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