Monday, December 05, 2011

Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai and Social entrepreneurship ..

a great great contribution to humanity by Dr Venkatapathy, a retired eye surgeon of govt of Tamil Nadu. I read somewhere that it is the only medical institute in India where medical interns from Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School come for one year internships..

The gift of eye sight is indeed a great gift .. God blass soul of Dr Venkatapathy in Heaven ..

Two weeks back when I could motivate students and faculty of T John College Bangalore to do a Free eye camp with Narayana Netralaya through NSS, we had 300 eye screenings, 56 surgeries for cataract done and 150 spectacles were distributed. All done for FREE , including travel, food, stay and SURGERY for the residents of Subash Nagar , a slum area in Begur in the Bangalore city..


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