Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Christ and 43 other deemed Universities to be derecognised ??

It was shocking to hear on NDTV two days back that the Central Govt has recommended to the Supreme Court that none of the 44 deemed universities who were given two years grace time to prove their credibility to get recognition, have proved their worth. The recommendation was that these Universities should be derecognised.

Now it is upto the Supreme Court to give its final verdict on Nov 22 which could go either way after its careful study of the matter.

Some serious questions that need to be answered are

1. Do these deemed universities deserve any consideration, with so many mad parents and students running after them to secure admissions for their wards through the front and back door ?

2. Who are the final losers ? What will happen to these students whose future hangs in a balance ? Will they get accredited with state universities?

3. Will these universities try to get accreditation from the state government as a state private university ?

4. To avoid the rot in the education system, should these universities be permitted to continue with their so-called innovative methods of delivery of knowledge to the needy students ?

With 600 million of people below 27 years of age in India, conservatively considering that about 20 % of this ( 120 million) can be accommodated in the colleges for higher education, do we have so many Universities and educational Institutes to help in this step of nation building ?

We need to find a solution to this crisis soon ..


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