Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cattle fairs and cattle .. IIM Placements ..

It was astonishing to hear about the comment on IIM placements by Tata Sons HR Chief Mr Pradhan.

Cattle fairs with cattle dressed up and painted like fresh cattle, it was very demeaning to paint the brightest minds in the country in such disgraceful words. It is indeed true that value of the IIM graduate is determined by the money he gets in the market, irrespective of whether he is selling toilet soaps, washing powder or brooms ..

Let the IIM students realise that it is not the money which matters, do something personally satisfying and useful for the country, pursue entrepreneurship and the like .. It is not the MNCs which matter, but the Indian industries which contribute to the growth of the country, be change agents in society, don't waste your brains, lest we hear more demeaning remarks from other heads of industry, damning and degrading to the MBA community as a whole.

Let not IIM graduates bring disgrace to the MBA community in the country ..

IIM Directors needs training on leadership to lead their Institutes. Instead of producing high priced cattle, let them produce individuals with values. Let them be accountable for the public money wasted on these cattle.


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