Saturday, November 19, 2011

Biggest container ships of the world ..

Comparing tankers and containers ..

Eleanor Maersk E-class, 397m long ( almost 4 football pitches wide) and 56 m wide, able to carry almost 15,000 TEU  ( Twenty feet Equivalent Units) containers, the biggest container ship in the world. With a DWT 109,000 T and 156,000 Gross tonnage itmatches with its sisters Emma Maersk and Ebba Maersk

Usually it is found making the Asia-Europe run, presently the world's busiest route, between China and Netherlands making the journey in 3 weeks time. Each TEU can carry about 35,000 T-shirts taking the cost of transporting a T-shirt at just 2.5 cents.

With the rising cost of fuel, larger and larger ships are the only way to make a profit.

At about $ 700/TEU freight, shippers are looking at economies of scale to survive in the highly competitive world of world commerce and trade. With decreasing demand in Europe, the demand for container transportation is found to be declining now, June-Aug 2012, resulting in a crash in the container rates ..

Eleanor Maersk..

Emma Maersk ..

container transport in Baltic region ..

Some theory on container ships ..


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