Monday, October 03, 2011

Skyrocketing real estate / housing prices and the common man..

The cost of real estate and housing is just going through the roof in many cities in the country ..

Is the plan of our politicians to make housing affordable only for the affluent ? Is India comprised only of the rich, mighty, influential and powerful and corrupt ?

Ordinary people who not so ambitious, affluent, corrupt or cut-throats, will they ever get a chance to get their own homes in the city ??

Is our housing and real estate policy only for the corrupt, overly affluent and overly ambitious ??

Tata and Mahindra have come with plans to  build budget homes for the common man. Why is nothing happening concretly here ? Is there a vested interest of the builder/housing lobby trying to thwart their philanthropic initiatives ? Or is it a careless attitude regarding the less lucky and less fortunate population who have not yet got a place to rest their heads ?

If an upper middle class, very well educated professional "not wanting to resort to corruption" is scared to think of such an investment, can imagine what will be passing through the mind of the normal person.

Go abroad, work and bring back petro-dollars ?? and in the bargain help the corrupt sustain their lifestyle. That can never be ..


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