Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saif Al Islam Gaddaffi .

In this excerpt taken from wikipedia, we find Saif is very much academic in nature.. (plagiarism is not an issue with such influential, powerful persons..). His questionable PhD from London School of Economics. Saif has been caught in Tripoli without both hands ..


In 1994, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi graduated with a BSc degree in Engineering Science from Tripoli's Al Fateh University, and earned an MBA from Vienna's IMADEC University in 2000.

His paintings made up the bulk of the international Libyan art exhibit, "The Desert Is Not Silent" (2002–2005),[8] a show which was supported by a host of international corporations with direct ties to his father's regime.[9]

In 2008, Gaddafi was awarded a PhD degree from London School of Economics, for a thesis entitled "The role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions: from 'soft power' to collective decision-making?"[10][11] Examined by Meghnad Desai (London School of Economics) and Anthony McGrew (University of Southampton), among the LSE academics acknowledged in the thesis as directly assisting with it were Nancy Cartwright, David Held and Alex Voorhoeve (the son of former Dutch minister Joris Voorhoeve). Professor Joseph Nye of Harvard University is also thanked for having read portions of the manuscript and providing advice and direction.[12][13] In a later investigation by Channel 4 News, they found that 6% of the 93,000-word thesis was copied from other sources.[14] Furthermore, allegations abound that Saif's thesis was in many parts ghost-written by consultants from Monitor Group, which pocketed $3 million per year in fees from Muammar Gaddafi and whose ranks include Robert Nye, who is thanked in the paper.[15]


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