Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harvard and Wharton being shamed beyond repair ?

Rajat Gupta, ( BTech(IITD), MBA(Harvard)) former Managing Director of McKinsey and Co and co-founder of Indian School of Business, Hyd and member of Board of Goldman Sachs, P&G, American Airlines is set to be tried for insider trading in US for his close association with Raj Rajarathinam of Galleon who has already been given imprisonment of 11 years with $ 10 m in fines..

He is likely to be given heavy imprisonment and heavy fines. It is very sad that the so called "reputed" Harvard Business School and Wharton ( where Rajarathinam finished his studies) are producing "incomplete" graduates with such dubious and poor ethical standards, mad after making money..

Maybe ethics is not part of their curriculum and have not been given enough importance, but the civil society will make these 'errant and deviant" Business Schools fall in line !!


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