Saturday, October 22, 2011

Graphic of Gaddafi's gory end ..

A lesson to all dictators of the world .. Better behave and keep people's interests paramount, only then comes personal, selfish interests.. This is also a warning to the people who have taken service of the public as a profession !!

But man never learns and history repeats itself again and again.. The world was treated to the fest from Saddam's end, now Gaddafi's ..

king Abdulla, Kim Jong Il, Hafez Assad, buddies, your time also has come, avoid bloodshed and give up all the comforts you have been enjoying by subjugating your people all these years.. Your time has come .. Nobody wishes to see your gory end too ..

After the second world war, the beginning decades of the 21 st centuryhave been very eventful and will define human enterprise and freedom ..


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