Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Extent of corruption in land / house dealings in Bangalore..

The recent revelations by the Hindu newspaper of corruption in the real estate / housing in the city of Bangalore where a ruling party leader who lost elections ended up buying 179 plots of 2400 sq ft in a housing society, keeping all the original members waiting for allocation and taking the law for a ride was very shocking.. How brusque and rough can people get ?

Will ever any sense of probity come in the real estate / housing deals in Bangalore city ?? Even senior SC judges are falling shy to accept the Lokayuktha post, lest they be exposed for their underhand real estate / housing deals in Bangalore. The educated, mighty, powerful, affluent and rich, even middle class irrespective of their colour, caste , creed and affiliation have fallen to the lust for making quick money and acquire real estate in Bangalore city..

All have acquired plots and flats in Bangalore city bribing everyone on the way, be it passive or active.. If the law were to be taken in its true sense, lot of people would become ineligible of their valued land/flat. But will the authorities ever heed to the cries of the poor man who does not have the wherewithal, smartness nor a gullible mind to illegally acquire govt land by producing false documents and bribing everyone on the way.

The vultures and greedy are acquiring land left, right and centre, legally and illegally and have no qualms about it at all.  Even the judiciary is not above any suspicion, they are as much hand in glove with the land sharks as are the politicians and bureaucracy.

Will the law of the land ever be with the common man and help him to lead a decent life ?

A legislation which takes away illegally acquired land back to the state without giving back any compensation will be the right medicine that can halt this mindless craze for land and housing in Bangalore city.. Even a national legislation can only bring succour to the millions who are suffering ..


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