Thursday, September 29, 2011

The sad plight of former Karnataka CM Yeddy ..

Having to daily appear before the Lokayuktha court on account of 14 cases of corruption and favouritism slapped on former Karnataka CM Yeddy and his sons and son-in-law, his plight is deplorable.

Having to go and stand in front of a police constable and recored his presence and giving assurance that if given bail he will never jump it, is all too mean on the part of the law !!

The law however strong it be, has to act tough against big fishes like Hassan, Kalmadi, Raja, Maran and others and not be after these small fries.. These people have only acted criminally trying to amass some wealth in the Rs 18,000 crores mining scam.

The part that these politicians are also part of the great Bangalore Housing society scam of Rs. 175,000 crores is another dimension yet to be proved.. The newspapers are just acting against an individual who has just acted to benefit his small family of say Rs 1000 crores..

Is it such a big crime to illegally amass Rs 1000 crores ? In a land of 1200 million people, is Rs 1000 crores a big amount ?


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